Brothers Brewery

A truly international craft beer with ingredients spanning three continents.

Welcome to Brothers Brewery

Brothers Brewery is a story about a collective passion that became an empowered idea... An idea that soon found itself growing and becoming a reality in the minds and lives of a group of life long friends... Unifying dreams and resources, people and places every step of the way.

With an ethos built on the premise that "the reward is in the recipe", it was not an easy task to finally bring every ideal, ingredient and innovation together to create a beer that matches this vision.

But, at the heart of Brothers Brewery is a brotherly bond; Strength in Numbers, that connects each of the founders, with not only each other, but also with each and every punter, purveyor and patron that all form the very foundation of a collective vision and brilliant local beer.

Hand-crafted premium beer means that there is kinsmanship in every sip, and with every splendid swig, one can taste the brotherly bond and know that anything can be accomplished with your Brothers at your side.